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Grace Slick Invites you to an Area Arts Gallery Show on March 27th! We hope to see you there!


Area Arts Gallery in Santa Rosa, CA

Area Arts Presents our New GalleryArea Arts Is pleased to announce the opening of our new gallery in Santa Rosa, CA.

Area Arts gallery is located in the historic Railroad Square district. We have chosen this unique location because it is surrounded by great restaurants and Hotels. Please stop in and visit us on your next trip through the Wine Country.

We will be opening the Artists of Woodstock exhibit on August 15th Original artwork and hand signed limited editions by Jimi Hendrix, Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, and Jerry Garcia will be on display and for sale to the public.

We will be presenting various high profile exhibits throughout the year, We will make all of these exhibits accessible via the internet for our clients that are not able to attend the show in person.

Please contact us directly if you have an interest in acquiring a piece that is in the show.


Rolling Stone Magazine Interview with Grace Slick!

Grace Slick on Rolling Stone Cover

Grace Slick on a classic Rolling Stone Cover – from

The “Three Festivals” were a trio of rock festivals that showcased the counter-culture movement and brought it to the mainstream: The Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock, and Altamont Festival.  Jefferson Airplane has the distinction of being the only band to play at all three of the shows.

These three festival shows are iconic for many reasons. The Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock opened the doors for the hippie movement and showed the rest of the country and the world that they could not continue to ignore the youth. Altamont, on the other hand, has been co-opted by authorities as being indicative of the chaos that comes with change.

Rolling Stone interviewed Grace about what it was like to be at the center of so many cultural events—especially the Altamont festival, which used the Hell’s Angels as a security staff (with predictable results).  You can read more all about it in the June issue, which hit the shelves mid-May.

You can read some of that interview on


Grace Slick’s California Art Tour Concludes!

Grace Slick has been traveling up and down California this year, promoting her visual art collection “Welcome to Wonderland” in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Laguna Beach, and more.

– See Welcome to Wonderland

Fans of her work point to a love of the rich color, thick line, and creative spirit that Slick embodies. Those who purchased a piece were all given time to take a photo and have a chat with the artist. It’s been a great and rare opportunity for people to get a chance to connect with the counter-culture icon.

Although indifferent to critical praise or scorn, Grace nevertheless still enjoys communicating with people who resonate with her work, a callback to her roots as a performer. The audience and the arena may be different, but after over having over 100 exhibits throughout the country, Grace has fully stepped into her role in the art world. For many, the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s faded, but Slick has found a way to continue to grow as an artist and social commentator, reflecting the zeitgeist of the times through a different lens. Her message is no less impactful, loud, or pointed in her visual art than it was in her music.