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Like most artists, the original drawings of Grace’s are unique in that they contain that spark of creativity that is the beginning of a painting. Grace uses 5 x 7 index cards to jot down ideas that she has for paintings and then expands that to small drawings. These drawings are the working guide for her paintings. Some contain corrections and notations about how the final painting will be completed. These editing marks are part of the piece and collectors particularly like these drawings because of the energy that they contain.

After doing the initial drawing Grace has the piece enlarged to whatever size she wants the completed painting to be. Using this enlarged drawing as a guide she then paints the piece on the canvas or carves it in the scratchboard. These drawings are truly jewels that are highly sought after by collectors.

Grace does many drawings in a sequence as an exercise in the style she is working on at the time. She also introduces other mediums into her drawings to give them a different dimension.

As one can imagine, collectors are purchasing these drawings as soon as they are made available. While we make every effort to keep the web site current, some of the pieces shown may have already been sold due to the high demand for her work. Please contact us for current availability and pricing.

All original works are framed and can be packed and insured for shipment worldwide.

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