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Grace Slick, Patrick Nagel, Richard Duardo, Bernie Taupin, Tom Everhart, and John Lennon | Office: (707) 544-8525
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The creative staff at Area Arts, working closely with Grace Slick and various printers, has selected what we feel are Grace’s finest original works and from these pieces we created beautiful limited editions. Each piece is hand-signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity from Area Arts, publisher of the artwork of Grace Slick.

Area and Grace both feel that with the technology available to artists now through high tech printing processes, enables the artist to use the print-making process as part of her own creative process. By using many different types of printing, we are able to give the artwork of Grace Slick a sense of diversity that is able to showcase all of her various styles.

Some of the processes used in creating Grace’s limited editions are:

Serigraph; a printing process that uses numerous screens to lay the inks on the paper or canvas.

Copperplate, aquatint etching; an old world method of printing that uses an acid etched copper plate to apply the ink to the paper.

Giclee; a state-of-the-art technology that creates printed editions at extremely high resolution.

The edition sizes range from 90 to 500 depending upon the piece and the media. All of Grace’s limited editions are available unframed or framed in a beautiful museum-quality frame. We can crate and ship anywhere.

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