Grace Slick Original Paintings

Since entering the rabbit hole of the art world in 1999, Grace Slick has exceeded all expectations pertaining to her talent and marketability as a world-class artist and painter.

Grace’s portraits of Rock icons and Wonderland characters have become some of the most popular images in the musician/artist segment of the art world.

Over the last 12 years, Grace has toured extensively with her artwork, attending over 200 exhibitions. Showing at some of the most prestigious galleries in the U.S., Grace has firmly established herself as a serious contender in today’s contemporary art world.

Since last summer Grace has been concentrating on a new series of work that could best be described as dreamlike visions. Using bold color and flourishing designs Grace transports us into the world in which she lives. Colorful landscapes and friendly folks inhabit her paintings along with her fantastic animals. Collectors following Grace’s art career often comment on the exceptional quality of these new paintings. We truly feel that Grace Slick is moving into a very elite circle of painters in today’s contemporary art world. This would not be the first time that Grace has achieved this type of position as a cultural ambassador.

Please enjoy the art and contact us if you have any questions.

Scott Hann
Curator, Area Arts

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