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Grace has developed several unique styles of painting that are intended to fit with the subject matter. She often says that the subject matter dictates how the piece will be executed. She creates motion and energy on the painting by layering the acrylic very heavy on the canvas; using this and other techniques she is able to achieve deep and rich colors that seem to glow. She also has an uncanny ability to work in the reverse. Her examples of white on black paintings, particularly her work on scratchboard, are considered some of her best.

When she started painting professionally, over ten years ago, she began to take a more serious look at her artwork and started sketching with colored pencils and pastels. She found this medium easy to work with and it provided instant gratification. However, over the last 10 years, she has developed her style with paints and now works primarily with acrylic on canvas to create her impressive paintings.

The subject matter of Grace’s paintings ranges from intricate portraits of her Rock contemporaries to very minimal Sumi style nudes. She has also developed a reputation as one of the best scratchboard artists currently working. The scratchboard is perfect for her because it is working in the reverse, which she likes, as well as fine detail that is difficult to achieve with paints.

As one can imagine, collectors are purchasing Grace’s major paintings very quickly after she completes them. While we make every effort to keep the web site current, some of the pieces shown may have already been sold due to the high demand for her work. Please contact us for current availability and pricing.

All original works are framed and can be packed and insured for shipment worldwide.

“As far as I can determine at this point, creation is taking place constantly and my life is a result of and pursuit of that process. Sometimes the form is music; sometimes it is giving birth to another human being, or maybe just sitting and appreciating a sunset. Simply watching beauty helps it “exist”.

At this time in my evolution, painting is the way “it” wants to take shape. I create with the help of that massive system of energy that permeates everything and allows it to be distributed for free. As a conduit, I am occasionally quite clear – but as a beginner, the results can be technically raw.

When I am in the process of painting I am gone – to a place that relieves me of trivia and encourages the expression of a more vibrant existence. It (painting) is a still form. Unlike film, the movement has to be implied on the canvas and translated to you by way of a mutual and basic recognition.

When I see a work of art that raises my own level of appreciation, it becomes propulsion that, in turn, moves me into the creative continuum. By receiving my work you complete the celebration.”

– Grace Slick

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