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Grace Slick has been traveling up and down California this year, promoting her visual art collection “Welcome to Wonderland” in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Laguna Beach, and more.

– See Welcome to Wonderland

Fans of her work point to a love of the rich color, thick line, and creative spirit that Slick embodies. Those who purchased a piece were all given time to take a photo and have a chat with the artist. It’s been a great and rare opportunity for people to get a chance to connect with the counter-culture icon.

Although indifferent to critical praise or scorn, Grace nevertheless still enjoys communicating with people who resonate with her work, a callback to her roots as a performer. The audience and the arena may be different, but after over having over 100 exhibits throughout the country, Grace has fully stepped into her role in the art world. For many, the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s faded, but Slick has found a way to continue to grow as an artist and social commentator, reflecting the zeitgeist of the times through a different lens. Her message is no less impactful, loud, or pointed in her visual art than it was in her music.