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Grace has wrtten a new song about the Oil Spill in the Gulf. Many notable artists have participated in the project. The song will be launched at the Grammy Museum show on July 24th and will be premired on the air on the Jim Ladd Show at KLOS in LA the week of July 25th.  The song will be avaliable on the GrammyMuseum website We will post a clip the song on the Area Arts website. Please listen and contact the Grammy Museum if you would like to make a contribution to the Oil Spill effort and all of the good people of the Gulf states that have been Devistated by the spill.

“I always thought that our government was supposed to be there to take care of the people of America, not go out and make war everywhere. Bring the troops back from Afghanistan and have them work in the gulf cleaning up the spill”

               Grace Slick – July 21st, 2010

To purchase “The Edge of Madness” – the new single by Grace Slick/Michelle Mangione – go to:

Grace Slick and Michelle Mangione – The Edge of Madness

This is the first song Grace Slick has released in over 20 years! She not only wrote the lyrics, but her voice can be found in the backround. (See if you can pick her out)

Slick and Mangione are joined on the recording by other top musicians and singers, including Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers), Tom Dumont (No Doubt), Billy Zoom (X), Martha Davis (The Motels), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Kid Ramos (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), Larry Hanson (Alabama), and Steven Hodges (Tom Waits, Smashing Pumpkins).