420 Collection

As part of her commitment to choice, Grace is generously donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale to MPP Marijuana policy project.

420? Legalize it.

“Marijuana is an excellent herb for several medical problems – instead of the side – effect loaded pharmaceuticals.

Smoke it
Eat it
Patch it

Your choice

We could virtually eliminate California’s financial mess by taxing for recreational use. Growing pot legally would open up a boatload of farming, packaging, transportation and sales jobs.
Take a bite out of the illegal drug market? Make them legal.

Man (and animals by the way) have always taken drugs. Making any one of them illegal has never worked – it just spikes the underworld market. Google it. Those who don’t read history are bound to repeat it. You can’t stop an avalanche. Liquor and Cigs are legal Pot is not. What kind of major stupid is that?”

Grace Slick 3-27-12

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